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Default Re: Land Of The Puppet People

marypopinz wrote:
Are we the stupid idiots for believing that he has complete control of the show down here?
No they are the stupid idiots for not realizing it.
He does not have complete control here, but he does control the material aspects. Most people live their lives now according to material aspects. His design.
The devil is rather cunning, and people have been for a long time modelled to fall for his trickery.
A horned jackass, yes, but still very sly.

marypopinz wrote:
I just can't buy it, personally.

*For me, personally, God is running the show, not the horned jackass - he is a joke and was long defeated in my mind.
A lot of people donít believe in the devil anymore.
It suits him well though, as he as less opposition that way.
For a time I didnít really believe it either, until I encountered him, or at least one of his most elite demons.

Before that, I thought it was all just a fairytale.

Faith alone can vanquish the devil. Its not like heís a big problem at all! IGNORANCE is the problem. It IS us. We have been lured into ignorance. And we pay the price.

We can choose between God and Satan. We have free will; it is what makes us human.
Many choose Satan out of ignorance!
Demographics? Metaphysics? Scientific? Chemistry? Ecology? Psychology? Sociology? Entropy?
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