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Default Re: Land Of The Puppet People

I know I am splitting hairs and....

This is my point. Which came first - the chicken or the egg.

Is it our belief in the horned jackass that gives him "life" and/or does our belief system feed this power.

I have thought on this for a while.

If I was a prick and wanted to increase my power and control over people... it would suit my purposes to have the goyim spread the news of my great power, making my reputation supercedent.

Do you get what I mean?

Is it our thought patterns that keep that bastard in existence because we believe?

Yes their are evil people and... do I believe that their is one supremem source of evil as their is a supreme source of good - God?


For me there is God and only God.

I personally believe that a lot of the Bible has been corrupted towards the social engineering of an Armageddon.

Is their was this one fallen angel whom God cast down to earth to be the Devil...

There is no logic in creating an earth of beauty and handing it over to Sir Shit to run. It just doesn't make any rational sense to me.

What does make sense to me is a bunch a greedy bastards wanting the people to believe that they are running the show with God's "blessing".

The devil rules the earth is always a convenient excuse to do nothing and give up. Just like the blissful rapture is a good excuse to sit around and wait and do nothing.

God didn't write that damn book - men did. And, for me, it is no different than the protocols of Zion.

Just my opinion and I mean no offence.

The main problems I have with the Bible are:

1. We are all born sinners - babies are born bad???

2. It's all Eve's fault - women are to blame for the eventual downfall of all humanity - women are especially bad???

3. Revelations - Jesus arriving on a cloud literally folks? The Great Rapture? I guess we are all fucked and might as well lay down and die for this New world order.

In conclusion, for me, the Devil is in the details. If people focused more on God and good and turned their minds away from these devilish thoughts of an all-compassing evil power running the earth plane - we would stand a far greater chance of the truth coming to light and their being peace.
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