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Default Re: Black - Latino Tensions on Rise in Southern California

Akbar, it is time for you to climb down off your soapbox in your ivory tower where you hurl your pronouncements of guilt and other invectives on the white race.

Unless or until you stop equating the white race with those rapacious plutocrats who own the international corporations, YOU will never see the big picture.

None of us peons, no matter what our color, can influence those who are exploiting the resources of the immigrants countries because we have never once been consulted or allowed a referendum in which we could state our wishes.

You are tiresome in your anti-white rants. Whites are no different than any other race in that we wish to have a country in which law and order are the norm so that we may go about our lives, earning a living and rearing our children in surroundings that reflect our values.

This will no longer be allowed to happen because those in control know that the quickest way to destroy a species is to foul it's "nesting ground." The white race has always been a minority in the earth, yet individuals of this race have, as brave individuals, explored and settled a great majority of it, bringing civilization to much of it.

Canibals and headhunters have diminished in number as civilization was introduced. The sacrifice of infants and captured foes was greatly reduced at one time. Famines were once a thing of the past, internecine warfare was reduced until the white man started indulging in it himself.

Do you not find it strange that white countries are the only ones suffering wave after wave of illegal AND legal immigration from Third World Countries? When was the last time (or first time) you read or heard of waves of immigration into Mexico or India or any other TWC? Ever ask yourself why?

Colonialism is no more, slavery in WHITE countries is no more, existing now only in countries like Israel, Quait, Saudi Arabia and North Africa - NONE of those are WHITE countries. I repeat myself for your benefit.

Instead of beating what is essentially a dead horse, the white race in decline, why don't you relocate to one of the above listed countries and give them the benefit of your insight and wisdom?

When the blacks outnumbered the whites in birth rate, they took over more and more area, now the latinos are doing the same thing to them. It DOES amount to a race war because the health and future of a race is involved. To grow and prosper, a race must have territory.

People like you only want to refer to "race coupled with war" when the white man can be deemed the culprit.

Personally, I admire the determination and spirit of the latino. They place great emphasis on family and race and territory. They will survive, grow and prosper. The strong survive, the weak step aside. You, Akbar, are fighting the truths reflected in history, not others like me who point them out to you.

The Asians, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, etc., are also to be admired. They came in, making no demands on government and created their own communities without an overt effort to evict or displace the whites who were already in the area.
Their success through hard work, productivity and COOPERATION has added to the overall health, wealth and GNP of this country.

The latinos may encounter a wall of resistance when they run up against the Asians; yes, they both have gangs, but they also have staunch individuals who will fight for their own survival.

My best suggestion to you would be to stop standing on the seashore, demanding that the tide not come in or go out and when it does, blaming the white man.

Unproductive finger-pointers and guilt-layers like you are going to be SOL in less than 100 years. No white people to speak of on whom to lay blame. What will you do then, open their graves and torture their bones? Enjoy your favorite pastime while you can, not other race will abide your tripe.

FREE SPEECH is a white concept.
I hate it when they say, "He gave his life for his country." Nobody gives their life for anything. We steal the lives of these kids. We take it away from them. They don't die for the honor and glory of their country. We kill them."-- Admiral Gene LaRocque
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