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Default Re: 9/11 Revisited (video)

End of Days Begun - :-o :-o :-o


Thanks for making it available for “download” (Windows Media - 95 MB)

I have been reading the “alternative media” (some people refer to as AM) since way back in the early 90s, & thus when this catastrophe was allowed to happen, right before our eyes, as everyone was watching, I was well aware of what I was witnessing. Some very good articles, such as the one following, came right out giving out a lot of insight into these events & how they related to the world affairs that were just about to unfold.

End of Days Begun

One thing I want to point out is this. When we normally look at the debris falling & coming out of the buildings, our eyes tend to miss the “leading” part of the “wave” or “crest,” which clearly shows a consecutive series of explosions, all evenly spread across the entire floor, & all timed at the rate of the fall. If you try to focus & follow this crest you can clearly see how each & every floor is set to blast to its entirety at the same instant, then followed by the floor below, & then the one below, & so on. Now, the difference between this type of demolition & a normal one is that in the typical demolition they set the floors to explode “from the bottom up,” instead of “from the top down.” For example the last & 3rd building that came down, WTC 7, the one they decided to “pull down” last, it seems to have come down the conventional way, where as the “2 towers” came down “from the top down,” thus giving the illusion of a fall rather than a demolition. However, the fingerprints of a demolition are quite obvious, now that we know what we are looking at.

WTC Controlled Demolition

Demolition Took Place On 911

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