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Default Re: Black - Latino Tensions on Rise in Southern California

Your response to Akbar was filled with arrogance. As I read his statements it appear to represent truth and not an emotional response to the history of the white race. A clear example of the truth of his statements can be seen in all of the countries you stated. All of those countries came to power with the support of the white supremacy power structure not their own citizens. It is the U.S. and other Western countries keeping the leaders in those countries in power. 1.) The U.S. sends more money to Isreal as it does U.S. inner cities, 2.) Kuwait, The U.S. destroyed an entire country to replace the Kuwait leadership back in power. 3.)Saudia Arabia, The U.S. has troops in that country to keep the leadership in power and the U.S. president treats the leadership as family members. 4.) North Africa had a democratic election in Algeria in which a Muslim group won, but France and other Western countries called off the elections because the leadership they wanted did not win, which caused a civil war in that country. All other North African countries have learned from this and only keep western puppets in power to appease the West. So as you can see this all leads back to Akbar's initial comments. You seem to believe most of the false stories in your history books that the white race brought civilization to most of the world when history clearly paints a different picture.
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