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Default Re: A Message of Peace from the Freedom Fighters in Iraq

Since communication is your profession, you would know better than me. If or when America falls, Europe will receive our evil elite and because I know them well, I can promise you that they will join with their kind in Europe and rule Europe. Your idyllic ideas of a Utopian world will never come true. Your best bet is to hope that America stands so that the Demons we have here stay here. I know them well and they are the children of darkness in human form. I was told over 30 years ago by one of them that the world would never have an atomic war until they were assured they could survive it in comfort. They are approaching that ability. They do not love humanity and wish to see many less humans on what they truly consider their planet. Their philosophy is older than any you talk of and they will never change. Death is the only thing that removes them from the collective throat of humankind and they are working on the elimination of death for them and them alone. Your naivety, if that is what it is, will not serve you well in the world you will have to face in-order to survive.
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