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Default Re: A Message of Peace from the Freedom Fighters in Iraq

I can not accept your invitation. You gave no attention to what I said, which is not surprising. I invite you to spent time in the real world and experience reality. Do you think you could physically or more importantly mentally survive it. Your world is either a dream of the young or a delusion of the deluded. The people of the world have had ample time to see the realities of the status quo and know it never in the long run benefits the average human. I am not sure this can ever be changed, but if it can it will take a tremendous and very serious effort. Humanity is not up to it. The very rich are very evil and some of them may not realize it, but the one who is their master does not care what happens to his followers as long as they gives the results he requires. My long experience in being close to the super rich, but not one of them(thankfully)has shown me what they are and I can see why people throughout history have thought of them as almost divine. The key word here is almost. Play school is almost over for this human dispensation and no fairytale will stop that which comes. That which comes is now casting its shadow before it. Watch as the darkness spreads.
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