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Default Re: The Norwegians are right!!!!!

Max wrote:
alumbrado wrote:

It's the fucking Longhorns sign for the UoT. There's nothing remotely satanic about it.
And you definitely know this without question because?
You've never been to University of Texas before?

Max wrote:
He was just once an Angel of Light and he still is.
Can you explain this please? Lucifer an "Angle of Light"?
According to the Jewish/biblical folklore-myth, Lucifer (a Romanized name for the Hebraic name of Sammael), the greatest of all the Lord's angels, was the brightest Angel in the heavens, righteous and brilliant in light but very prideful in his own sense of self-realization. He learned that God have planned to create a new being on Earth, a being greater than Lucifer/Sammael and he became jealous of the new being which would become Man. In anger and pride, he rejected God's new creation and rebelled against the Lord, leading a host of his followers in the War in Heaven. The Archangel Michael defeated Lucifer/Sammael and God stripped Lucifer/Sammael of his divinity and casted the first Rebel out of the Heaven and fell to the earth, to the darkness that would become his domain. He became the Prince of the Earth, for God believed that he should remain on Earth forever, trapped with God's newest creation that would become Man. Or the story goes.
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