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Default Re: Black - Latino Tensions on Rise in Southern California

Please read my post again. I have responded to most of your questions in the previous post. I stated that immigrants are leaving third world countries for the Western countries because that is where the flow of the resources are going. So why would they go back to a third world country when the resources are flowing to the Western countries? I gave a simple solution for people like you who wanted to end immigration, which was for you to protest this and get your governments to stop exploiting third world countries. There have been plenty of movements to sway the way of government to get them to do the right things in the past, but you chose to use the copt out by saying you do not have access to the government or business entities that exploit the weak and powerless. Although, whites like you are the main benefactors of their exploitation, which you flaunt by your praise of your history, you refuse to do what Jesus would do which is to fight against the oppressors even if they look like you. I still can't see how a person can proclaim to believe in Jesus, but yet hold on to a history filled with the exploitation of the weak and powerless.
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