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Default Re: A Message of Peace from the Freedom Fighters in Iraq

My dear friend

Goodness needs evil, to manifest itself. Otherwise goodness gets sleepy, cause nothing is here to stimulate it.

Evil speed up goodness, and therefore it stimulates goodness to manifest itself. Thanks to evil goodness becomes good.

If ugliness wouldn't exist, we wouldnt know how beautiful beauty is. We wouldnt recognise goodness, if evil wouldn't exist.

If we try to wipe out evil, we will kill goodness too. Evil is like the root of goodness. Obviously it doesn't mean that we should nourish evil. Evil is anyway very strong, it doesnt need our support.

We shouldnt try to eliminate evil, cause it will not happen.

What more important is, how we handle evil, to use it.

The knowledge and methods are waiting for everybody who likes to work for the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, lez realize it, now and forever...

I wish you all Love, Wisdom and Truth of Eternity that you realize your Kingdom of God and His Righteousness...

Best wishes from Switzerland

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