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Default Re: Marc Levine's The Protocols of Zion - Perpetual Ignorance

The Protocals are written in watchword and cipher.

The 'Jews' are not the Jewish people. The only way to properly understand the protocals is to understand the angle from which it is written.

And the only way to know that angle is to be equipped with the furniture of a Christian Lodge, that is the Holy Bible, and especially the Book of Revelation and its respective symbology.

The 'Jews' of the Protocals is a mask. In Revelation, Christ relates this to John by saying, "those who say they are Jews and are not, but do lie, and are the Synogogue of Satan."

The Protocals misdirects the energies of any would be adversary toward to Jewish people. This is a mistake born of ignorance.

Now, in order to begin deflecting these angles, one must understand the concept of Biblical 'strategia'. In short, you must have on the Panoply of God to even be able to defend against STRATEGIA. You must have Our Holy A.R.M.O.R. of God in Christ.

--Fra N.
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