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Default Joining the Army National Guard... Wise Decision?

I'm hearing a lot about how the Army National Guard will help me pay for school. But during war time, is this a wise decision to make?

The recruiter states that within acquisition of 30+ credit hours, this makes me non-deployable. But I don't trust what goes on in the military nor the government enough to trust that information. But I need to know for sure.

That is why I'm calling on your opinions in this forum. Is joining the National Guard a smart decision for someone who is only looking to get further assistance in school and not looking to get into combat? I don't support the war, and I choose to fight the war on "terrorism" without enlisting. But when family and school issues begin to mount, and the money gets low, what other choice does a man have.

Please be open-minded here, users. Your insight will be greatly appreciated. In advance, thank you.


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