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Default Max has an excellant idea!!!!!!!!! print on all currency

"Also- I had thought something similar about writing on money but instead thought to put actual URLs, like: -- that makes a good statement and catches interest. Put them on the bottom strip- front and center."

It comes from excellant thread of make clear use of propoganda,posted by Eagle.

This is something simple we all can do.

United we stand, divided we fall. This is one thing we call all do to get the message out there loud and clear. We would be using their tool of corruption to transmit the truth.

It's rich. It is also a peaceful protest. I can write on any piece of paper I choose to, that is my freedom of choice. Certain pieces of paper deserve respect and certain pieces don't.

Money passes through a lot of hands and currencies are exchanged internationally.

We could start a "Mark their Money" campaign. Would the shopkeeper's refuse to take money that had been truthfully challenged with mere ink...

This is a wondrously inspired idea folks. Let's all roll with it? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Peace Mary XXX

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