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Default Re: Joining the Army National Guard... Wise Decision?

Well I suppose it depends if you like the idea of playing with depleted uranium every day and bringing it home ot your family as well.

This article is largely about DU you shouuld read up on it though he is a bit off the wall

Another one

Do a google search on "depleted uranium weapons " Thiers lots of info out there

Official figures for disabled Gulf War Veterans is about 26% but you have to realise the govornment does everything it possibly can to stop people from getting disability most give up. You put in an aplication if your under 50 you are gaurantead denial unless you have some obvious physical condition that keeps you from even taking care of yourself. Of course it takes 6 month to tell you that. Then you can apeal it takes well over a year to even get a hearing and unless you have several doctors saying your sick, some obvious physical problem AND a good lawyer you will probably be denied again. You can apeal again but expect to wait another 6 months for another hearing. Then you MIGHT have a chance of getting it.
Unofficial figures run as high as 2/3 of all Gulf War vets being permanently disabled. Most of these people are in thier mid 30s now. How well will you be able to provide for yor family if your disabled at that age?
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