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Default Re: WN American Reniassance Conference Apprently Jews Are White &Proud Too!

Gotta tell you, OZ, I'm leery of any organization that so-called right-wing jews attend.

I am familiar with Jared Taylor and the white nationalist organization, American Renaissance.

To say that the attendees were united by a common belief in black intellectual inferiority, opposition to non-white immigration and ardor for maintaining America's white majority is specious on it's face when 5% of the said attendees were jews of European descent.

As the most "protected" minorities on the face of the earth, they have their crime statistics lumped under "white" but when it suite them, they become minorities again.

Evidently jews like Barbra Steisand do not consider themselves white. At Bill Clinton's victory celebration when he won the Presidency the first time, she said, "Finally, we people of COLOR have our very own President." So, which is it???

After two centuries of using the black race to dismantle and economically and socially destroy this country, we are supposed to believe that some of them now consider the black intellectually inferior. Hell, we could have told them that from the beginning - we've lived with them, we know.

Michael Hart feels free to tag some whites with the epithet "Nazi" and "holocau$t denier" and implies that they would not be welcome there. Heretofore, the jews dubbed everyone who was for a white America as "Nazis" and automatically assumed that they would deny the holocau$t.

As is their habit, they want to run the show. If Jared Taylor can't run the conference and keep his magazine afloat without jewish participation, then I suggest he get into another line of work.

Yes, the jews do have GREAT influence but they certainly are not perceived as the conscience of our society by anyone but themselves. Either Jarod Taylor is fooling himself or he is just a fool.

Those jews who are waking up to some of the cold hard facts of life that they have helped inflict on us need to go home and start changing things with other jews and start their own right-wing organizations. If some of them can wake up, maybe they can help awaken others of their kind.

When TSHTF, I do not want a right-wing jew at my back - give me a holocau$t denying Nazi any day. If his name happens to be David Duke, so much the better.
I hate it when they say, "He gave his life for his country." Nobody gives their life for anything. We steal the lives of these kids. We take it away from them. They don't die for the honor and glory of their country. We kill them."-- Admiral Gene LaRocque
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