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Default Re: WN American Reniassance Conference Apprently Jews Are White &Proud Too!

Gotta tell you, OZ, I'm leery of any organization that so-called right-wing jews attend.
:-? I am very leery about Don Black and the Whole Stormfront charade/forum I think it is one big PSYOPS operation to attract "Bees to Honey" or should I say "Flies to Shit" pardon me,still i could say the samething about this forum & makow & already have, so i guess it always pays to have a pensive attitude towards peoples REAL intentions ay!.Here this site my assist you to find the truth in all this US/ZION inspired deception!.

Btw thanks for the response and similar sentiments!. 8-)
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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