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Default Re: The Scams Just Keep on Comin'

I used to get a lot of these but only one or two a month now. I'd like to pass on my IS tech's advice: Do not respond to spammy e-mails!!! Of course, I did before I asked him about it, so they know that my address is active and legitimate.
I can't find the link now, but there are two basic ways that these guys can get your money:
1) They contact you personally (sometimes IN PERSON = SCARY!) and ask for "Up-front" money to get things rolling, then they just keep asking for more and more and more . . . and sometimes harrass you where you live if you're mild enough to allow it to continue. Some of these guys have gang connections, so there is a danger.
2) They put a forged cashier's check in your hands for deposit in your bank, and then ask for money immediately to "Catch the plane back and expedite the big payoff . . .", yeah, right!

My only other comment is, find a good reporting link to send these letters (Nigerian Scam, 419 scam, Bank Letter scam, etc.)
for research purposes. :-)
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