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Default The profit of broken families

What are the costs of broken families? How do the costs of broken families benefit a capitalist society? When you have a broken family there are a lot of society costs. Several studies have indicated that children from broken families are most likely to go to prison, abuse drugs and alcohol, suffer from psychological problems, live in poverty,and be involved in the sex trade. Each of these ills provide employment for social workers, mental health therapists, police officers, prisons, lawyers, etc. So an entire industry is created just to meet the needs of broken families. So is this done on purpose? You have one group of people who are in quick sand, which keeps them stuck in an ungoing cycle of broken families. Look at the American inner cities for clear examples. Then you have those whose job it is to meet the needs of those in broken families, who are middle to upper middle class. It seems that their job is to keep them out of the race to success. It seems that American society is encouraging more broken families through it's promotion of sport and play and having the easy way out. Strong families require hard work and committment. Today, those who favor hard work and committment are seen as the enemy, while those who are promiscuous or homosexual is seen as the clear example of modernity and human progress. In the Bible, Jesus tells us to go untie the "donkey". The "donkey" are the masses who are easy prey to the whispers of those who want to enslave them through their calculated manipulation of their unconsciousness. Jesus says to untie them from this manipulation by reinforcing them to use their consciousness. Until this happens, the masses will continue to be under the influence of the whispers of those who want to make an easy profit at the benefit of broken families.

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