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Default Re: WN American Reniassance Conference Apprently Jews Are White &Proud Too!

:-? Well I dont know too much about Don Black other than he is an ex kkk cyclops or whatever.However SF as a forum is a complete joke and only seems to hinder White identity not promte or make it any easy for curious Liberals or lefties(not that i believe to much in this stupid left right ideological dictum any more,I am so over it) to understand it.

Stormfront labours to make a simple point because it is full of revisionism relativism and other Post modern, Liberal rubbish that would no doubt make the Der Fuherers ashes stir in the wind with revulsion one last time!.

The inconsistency on SF swings from being a pro Globalist neocon to being an outright radical NS however lately it easy to see that the Neo con types on SF have the upper hand and always have as many of them appear to be Moderators on SF themsleves and soon delete or remoderate any posts that they dont find Kosher enough for their truly LIBERAL minds.

Thats all the majority SF posters are just Globalist status quo LIBERALS espcially the jelly back posters in the DU section half them are WOG any way Greeks Italians they are dark skinned how could they even entertain the idea of being biologically white no wonder the Jews want to join the ranks of Whitepride when they have seen so many Medi Races do it and they are not strickly White!
:roll: Lets all jump on the cyber Nazi I hate someone bandwagon because i dont have enough balls to say it to their face in public!.I Repeat SF is a complete joke :lol: :-? :roll:
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