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Default Re: Bush's Approval Rating Falls to New Low

I could not agree more with rushdoony. Our government is filled with robbers at an ordinary level. I know hundreds of local residents that work at a nearby military base. They are paid astronomical salaries for the work they do and brag about how they cheat their employer (us) daily. These people retire in their mid-fifties and sometimes then go to work for a contractor to the government and receive retirement plus another salary. Unbelievably they are even called back to the base and receive a salary with their retirement pay. It is a joke in our area. When our government says that Social Security will run out and that the average citizen does not deserve it anyway, why do they not include these bureaucratic leaches that bleed the tax payer and laugh about it. If we can not afford Social Security, we can not afford grossly over paid bums either.
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