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Default Re: Why American Women Are Big?

Dr. Thomas Ward, the deputy minister of health for NOVA SCOTIA, commented that is book should be read and the feds should be hit over the head with it.

Health in Nova Scotia is a joke. We have the highest cancer rate, the highest asthma rate, almost everyone hear is allergic to scent, and their is a mahoosive peanut allergy that just a whiff, can kill a child. We have the most expensive milk in canada and the monopoly strangling the milk "industry" is obscene - just like ING insurance... I can go on and on as you probably know, where Nova Scotia bullshit is concerned.

I don't know dude and I do know how the Health department handled our mad cow scare this summer.

They quarantined everyone and all doctors and nurses were told strictly to speak to no one. I'll have to go speak to this Dr. Thomas Ward because if he thinks the U.S. fed's should be hit over the head with this book, the Canadian junky politicians and coke dealers of ill health, should be buried with it.

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