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IT'S NOT A FUCKEN MYSTERY! So what am I writing about? First of all let me say why I write this "rant" of mine. Friday March 10 around 11am I notice a very large jumbo jet and a smaller jet spraying their chemical shit in the air, we all know it as chemtrails, the strange thing about this one was the 2 jets were flying about 1500-2000 ft above, that is illegally way too low for those craft. That was strange deal #1, then lately I've been getting calls from the "cable company" saying I requested service, which I never asked for! And finally In the town I live in I've noticed alot of people have died the past 3-4 months, most of the deaths were of various causes but its strange how they seem to be popping up this "demonic 666 year". I had my suspicions about this 2006 year. Now let me tell you what I really think is going on. You have to be a hard core conspiracy type like me to understand what I'm trying to tell you. I'm not knew to conspiracies, I've been researching, studying and learning about the ILLUMINATI since 1990, so I know what the fuck I'm talking about!

Most of you on this forum have about 1-5 years under your belts. I've noticed in recentdays many of you are finally understanding the "MIND OF THE ENEMY", I know fully well what the "MIND OF THE ENEMY" thinks. They want nothing more than your complete DEATH and DESTRUCTION! Many of you are now scoffing at the idea that someone would want you DEAD.This is what I want to write about, and that is the power of DISCERNMENT and ANALYTICAL thinking, I believe I've been extremely blessed by GOD in more ways than one, the power of DISCERNMENT and ANALYTICAL thinking is one of the blessings. I can see what other people can't see, and I know there are probably a few on this forum with this power as well. And NO I'm not a fucken psychic or remote viewer! I'm talking about knowing things using DISCERNMENT and ANALYTICAL thinking, for instance the recent bullshit about the NAZI SCHOOLTEACHER and the JEWISH PIG CHURCH BURNERS, as soon as those stories hit the wire you fucken know whose behind them already right, that is DISCERMENT and ANALYTICAL thinking not kook thinking!

You have to use these God given Powers to understand the mind of the ILLUMINATI, throughout the news world of lies and bullshit this power pulls you through easily, The ILLUMINATI are not smart people, they know there time is ending soon so they'll build all the POLICE STATE they want, the only way they will win is if everybody cooperates with their madness, It aint gonna happen! If this rant makes sense to you good, If it does'nt so be it, One last word for the ILLUMINATI SCUM! I'm not gonna be TAGGED like fucken cattle, GO TO HIGH HELL ILLUMINATI!

have a nice day :-o &PHPSESSID=b0ca029803311cb336eb7082e3c33352#forump ost27023


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