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Unlike most of the people, I honestly doubt that (Iran) Shiite clergy - elite are genuinely opposing New World Order creators.

Although I really do not like (and openly expressed it) theological discussions at this site I have to analyze Shiite scholars teachings in order to clarify my standpoint. In the same time I want to say that I do respect genuine Shiite believers and their religious feelings.
My intention is not to question Shiite ideology and religion but their politics. I am not entitled to say if they religious dogmas are right or wrong.

I just want to express my opinion that Shiite scholars and elite ( leading force in Iran) might help creation of NWO sacrificing their own people in the future war against America or Israel.

There is a paradox in the Shiite clergy attitude towards NWO
-while they condemn NWO and honestly detest and attack policy of secularization, liberalism, Western culture and materialism, Shiite scholars are anxiously waiting for conflict and graet calamity as the best opportunity to "sacrifice" and suffer for the sake of their religious imagination. In this way they will, actually die for NWO.

As each elite, Shiite clergy leaders do not care for their innocent followers-ordinary people -women and children.

As I will explain later on - the essence of Shiite religion is the suffering through adversities and graet calamity that will happen one day.

Actually the suffering of the prophet Mohammed's grandsons is the main obsession of Shiites and cornerstone of their religious teaching.

Since the Islamic prophet Muhammad died a natural death ( unlike his son- in -low named Ali, grandsons and great- grandsons who have been allegedly killed by Arab dynasty of Ummajads) prophet Muhammad is not central figure of Shiite religion and imagination but his killed grandchildren.

In my opinion ordinary Iran Shiites would actually court horror for NWO not even realizing it or better to say they will perceive their suffering as the " predestined catastrophe"
that will "cleanse" them.

Shiites believe that future "great catastrophe" that will affect them would initiate return of their "hidden" Divinity -Imam Mahdi -who would save them and consequently have physical power over the mankind-as the God's "shadow" on the Earth.
This idea is somewhat similar to the imagination of Christian Fundamentalism.

If you carefully read Iran Shiites modern political pamphlets (I have one at my table) you would notice that Shiite elite fanatically condemn America ("Great Satan"), Israel, Zionism.

There is no doubt -Shiites scholars and elite dislikes Western elite and its restlessnes, immorality, materialism, secularist culture etc.
(in the same time they hate Sunni Muslims much more finding them responsible for the death of Prophet's Muhammad son -in -low Shiite saint Ali and his sons Hassan and Hussein what happened more then 14 centuries ago).

However Shiite intelligentsia simply and deliberately avoid to admit the existence of The City of London and Jewish Kabalistic bankers elite.

It is really amazing how they persistently and decisively take care not to mention this pernicious Jewish Masonic elite.You will never hear in Iran that City of London is Satanic or that Jewish Masonic Illuminati govern the world but we could hear voices against Zionists and Zionism every day. This is the greatest double talk one could imagine.

Just observe the modern history of Iran- for example their "Revolution" -
I am personally suspicious of the word "Revolution" and concept of " levee en masse"
" spontaneous" mass-uprisings by the civilian population against dictatorial and repressive regimes.

As we know-most of the modern revolutions characterized as the "spontaneous" levee en masse are actually sedition fomented by Jewish Masonic Kabalists (from the Great French Revolution, 1848 Revolutions,Young Turks revolution, Sun Yat Sen -Chinese revolution, Bolshevik revolution, to the Mao Tse-tung Revolution etc.)

Isn't it strange that Khomeini-Shiite scholar and the leader of Iran Shiite Revolution "launched" and commanded this revolution while he was thousands miles away from Iran - in his nice apartment in PARIS- Europe ?! He did not go to Indonesia or Tunis -but to Europe.

Is it possible that Western intelligence services did not know for his plan to remove King Pahlavi regime and establish so called "Islamic" Republic of Iran -actually Iran Shiite Republic ??!!!

Or Kabalists actually made this plan for him creating state that will have very important role in creating NWO??!!
(by the way Ali Jinah-the first president of Pakistan was a Shiite and great fan of British masonry.When he died Ayyub Khan -also Shiite and freemason seized power by coup'd etat. Later on, Yahya Khan also a Shiite became president of Pakistan and deliberately lost Eastern Pakistan. The only non-Shiite president of Pakistan and opponent of masonry great Pakistani patriot Ziya-ul Haqq, was assassinated)

Beck to the point, followers of Khomeini - alleged "unarmed youth" "silently" took over power from very rich and highly organized Shah regime with well trained and equipped army,police and secret services?! Is it really possible?!
We all had opportunity to see how Shiites publicly insulted and humiliated American operatives in Teheran during 1979 "hostage crisis".

Was this just an accident or traitors from CIA and American administration deliberately made this "mistake" and allowed Shiites to destroy the myth of American power?!
As the gift for this humiliation of American operatives Iran Shiites got arms by America through infamous Reagan's administration program "arms for hostages". Israel also sold arms to Iran, just like China or Russia.

Just consider this -without the creation of of Shiite " Islamic" Republic of Iran- the devastating war between Iran and Iraq would never occur. This war, which exhausted economy,military,human capacities of Iraq actually made path for contemporary invasion on Iraq.
Iran-backed Shiites in Lebanon "forced" Israel to remove from Lebanon?!
Iran armed Bosnian government in the cooperation with Clinton administration. Iranians supported Kabalistic NATO forces war against poor tribes in Afghanistan etc.
Today, Kabalists -led European Union cooperates with Iran extensively.

As always history could give us best answer.
Anyone who studied Shiite movement seriously would notice its three main characteristics:

1) idea that Ali (cousin of Prophet Muhammad) and his family (ehl-i bejt) are "human personifications" of God (epiphany)
2) obsession with sacrifice and calamity through Shiites will "cleanse" themselves
3) faith in the return of "hidden savor"- Imam Mahdi who, as an ancestor of the saint Ali is "perfect" ( insani kamil), "governed by God" (huda) and "merged with God" (hulul).

So according to Shiites the hidden Imam Mahdi who is predestined to save Shiites from the great calamity will return to Earth, and establish the world government of true faith.

As I said, in this way, Shiite teaching has something in common with teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormons
(according to Juri Lina these movements are founded by Masons)

Muslims historians and sociologists claim that Yemen Jew- Abdullah ibn Sebe was alleged founder of the Shiite cult because he was the first man who attributed "divine" characteristics to Prophet Muhammad's son-in low Ali
confronting, in this way, Sunni Muslims dogma that human-beings could not be saints and have any characteristics of Divinity (Sunni Muslims believe that even Muhammad was just an "ordinary" man who transmitted God's message to the mankind.

( Shiites believe that the family of Prophet's Muhammad is sacred and his son in low Ali - "merged with God")

Jew Abdullah bin Sebe allegedly said to Ali
" Ali you are a God Himself".
From then on, according to Muslim historians Jewish Kabalists disguised as Shiite scholars in every centuray consolidated this cult.

After all, this theory is not well-documented and scientifically proved; therefore its validity is questionable.

In the conclusion, it might be that Shiite clergy and elite ( leading force in Iran) might help creation of NWO sacrificing their own people in the future war with America or Israel under the pretext of Shiite religious imagination that great suffering "catastrophe" will "cleanse" them and lead to the return of Shiite "hidden" Divinity -Imam Mahdi -who will save them and have physical power over the mankind-as the God's "shadow" on the Earth.

After all this is just hypothesis, and I do not claim that it is absolutelly valid.

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