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Yes redrat, they want us dead.

However, those fools cannot get everything they want.

This angers them, but they will continue to try for part denial and part fear. Fear for they know that their efforts for success are an illusion. Fear for they know that the god they worship gives only false promise. Fear for they know that all they have built is made of an illusion. Denial for the fact that they really have NO POWER AT ALL.

Material power is an illusion? You bet it is.

They cannot touch you.
If you have faith in Jesus and you are righteous, you will be unscathed.
If they fire a bullet at you, it will melt into the air. If they strike you with a blade, it will turn to rubber.

They want us dead, yes, but they will be disappointed.

Many will die, many will be enslaved, but some will not. And it is these people who will bring the world to utter peace and love! It is the people of God. Not CHOSEN, but those who CHOOSE Him.

Satan only has limited power. Watch it melt away by the power of Jesus Christ, Faith and Love.

God bless.
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