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Defeat is not a consequence to me, I know of where I stand. Your idea of evil can contain truth and in that truth lies much that you should consider. Look around you and see what is brought to your realm every day by your species. Surly you do not hold with the myth that I want to collect your species and spend eternity with them. Read the work and learn it and not from the mouth of someone else. I am your accuser and your kind is not without guilt. To think of me as something obscure and remote, without knowledge and to be dealt with by a few quotes from a work I well know, is foolish. Remember a fate can be shared. I leave it to you to watch your fellow humans in the greed that comes from their own souls, in the perversions of their own souls. I show the higher ones more respect than they. You decide, if I really need do so much to prove my accusations to be true.
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