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Default Re: Years of propaganda explodes in Zionist Rage

This is so typically jewish that I hardly know where to start.

First of all, we have to blame the victims, those dirty Southern Baptists who were stupid enough to get the idea that they could convert jews to "the faith." Well, they've paid a price for their stupidity and I hope they have learned their lesson; it was a long time coming.

Let Jesus convert them if he wants them to be Christians, it isn't your job. Oh, that's right, I forgot, the Sanhedrin voted to free the thief, Barabas, and crucify Jesus. Silly old me. That must be what they mean by "blood libel" in the jewish lexicon. In the English lexicon it's called telling the truth.

The blame game has gone as far as it can where the goyim are concerned. We are not responsible for the culture of hate in which these criminals grew up. Their rabbis, their Talmud, their Zionism, their ADL, their Hollyweird, their teachers and probably their parents are at the root of their problem.

You want to call it "short circuiting" but in the real world it is called criminal insanity. That mixed with a full measure of pure hatred for anyone and anything NOT jewish, this ingested with their mother's milk.

When parents petitioned Hollyweird for less explicit sex and violence they were told that TV had no effect on their children's behavior, get over it. Now, the claim is made that Holohoax movies and other jewish propaganda, even the news, contributed to these three going on a crime spree. Want to take a few minutes and get your stories straight.

These three are not exceptions, their brothers - same age - in the IDF do the same and worse to a captive people EVERY DAY as part of Israeli policy. They are just your common garden variety jew. The only difference is they got caught. Here in Israel West the policy isn't so pronounced.

Not to worry unduly, though, they will probably never see any kind of punishment outside of Community Service down at the Simon Weisenthal Center or the latest taxpayer financed Holohoax Museum. That ought to fix them right up.

Jews as a race are paranoid and schizophrenic. The whole world has indulged and tried to placate their rabid delusions to a point where some of them have actually come to believe the lying crap they generate out of nothing but their own sick imaginations. It is not enough that they lay claim to being the chosen of God, they have begun to think that they ARE God.

These "poor kids" are grown men and they are mean and vicious. Anyone who is not jewish that thinks of them as "poor kids" needs a reality check. Jews have been in need of a reality check for centuries.

It absolutely gags me to see the media give these assholes a free ride. Nothing but the sweetest of stories about what good boys they are and how their futures are so bright. Yeah, now that they have "made their bones," they can really go places, maybe even be President of the USA or Israel, but then I repeat myself.

If this is "swept under the rug," to say condoned, there will be more and worse. Perhaps the jews as a people are crying out for someone to stop them. I'm for that, let me help. I know just how to get started. Make these criminals pay for the damage they have done and lock them away for life without the possibility of parole for ten (10) "hate crimes." That's guaranteed to serve notice to the next "poor boys" who get it in their heads that they can commit crimes without punishment, whatever their rational.

I guarantee you if their heads were shaved and there were Confederate Battle Flags on those grungy tee shirts, there would be no doubt as to their fate if they destroyed 10 synagogs. It would not occur to the press or anyone else to absolve them of guilt because they grew up dirt poor in a single parent family where the mother worked two jobs to feed them and, as a result, was never home and that they bonded to stay alive on the mean streets of a city.

This business with the double standard had better stop NOW. More than a few people world wide are expressing sorrow for the German people who suffered so long under the jew before they finally decided to export them onto somebody else's doorstep before and during WWll.

One thing about the jew, he never changes. That takes chutzpah to think that you can shit on the world down through history and have the world thank you for the privilege.

Once you see through their lies, they are totally transparent; anyone can then see them for what they are.
I hate it when they say, "He gave his life for his country." Nobody gives their life for anything. We steal the lives of these kids. We take it away from them. They don't die for the honor and glory of their country. We kill them."-- Admiral Gene LaRocque
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