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What an interesting set of questions. As for those I termed the higher ones, well there are two and yet three and together they make ONE. I am not a helper of any. Is the reality of a direct communication so difficult to believe. Is a game required instead of simple words even though only maneuvered electrons? This is more proof of my accusations. The order of things to come is not wisely placed in the hands of babes who will not grow up. The toys of your world are minor and will in use only affect you. The devices of your superstitions to not impress or affect me. You understand that I too must follow rules and time and distance have meaning only inside your calcium box. I wonder if any of the few who read this will detect a glimmer of what is to come and will wonder if I can and do tell the occasional truth. As to my accusations, the facts of them are around you daily. If you can not see them, a time will come when you do. As to who I am, you and your kind have given me many names so I leave it up to you. Remember, I will not be accepted as your excuse or reason or justification for what you do upon this habitation.

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