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Default Re: Christianity has little to do with Christ

In my little mind, the lost message of Christ was that through God, we can do whatever he did, healing, good stuff, miracles...

Not that we are Gods and that through God, through the love of God - JESUS - all things are possible - it is our true divinehuman nature.

That's why I think I am so wierd and can do the things I can with my mind. God - given gifts; blessings and part of every peron's God given human nature. Reading minds is bizarre to say the least. Telepathy is off the hook strange.

Empaths like Deanna Troy from Star Trek whatever. That is what I believe our human nature to be. How far off the path have we gone? Hello???

Compassion? Brings me back to Jesus.


God's will, not mine. Know what I mean?

Satan would have us believe it is our power, not God's - not good thinking in my books.
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