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Default Re: The Setup to Destroy America

Bouncer wrote:
1) Public figures in government have been open and vocal about the "need" to keep civilians in "control."

2) The Professional liars and manipulators will always exploit new technology or situations to achieve more power and control over individuals as well as over the masses.

3) There is a device that causes a person to slip into a suggestive state (e.g. alpha brain waves, relaxation, etc.) and while in this state can deliver a dizzying array of audio-visual products to the hypersuggestive audience.

ERGO) The most powerful mind programming device is right there in millions of living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and playrooms. That's right, don't forget the kids.
Now, don't tell me that noone is using mass media for covert purposes. I'd sooner believe in the tooth fairy. And with total digital transmission mandated, there will be no limit to the technical applications used to achieve their clandestine agenda. :-o
Are you aware that the ratio of height to width of the new High Definition TV screen is the GOLDEN RATIO a mathematical ratio use for thousands of years for arcane purposes.
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