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Default Re: Is the UAE Blackmailing Bush Over 9/11?

Naww. I don't think the Arabs did 9-11... I think the blackmail is from Israel.. TVNEWSLIES never suggests that Israel is anything but innocent...

The fact of the matter is that the UAE is at the straits where 70% of the ME's oil comes out of. On the other side of the straits is Iran

The U.S. has to use the UAE in its plans to destabilize Iran.. This is where we repair our warships..

The U.S. Congress has just spit at them.. So they are going to the Euro.

TVNEWSLIES.. Never mentions a whisper that Israel might have something to do with the problems created by the establishment of Israel and Palestine in the ME in 1947 or 1948.

TVNEWSLIES never suggests that Israel might be a partner in 911.... TVNEWSLIES is a pretend "truthsite" as one of their two eyes is blind to Israel's atrocities, and contrivances.
Hang around their site and read their articles and tell me I'm not "spot on".
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