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The cat is out of the bag and it has multiplied to the point of no return. Once something like this is outside its original area thiers nothing you can do.

What realy gets me is why kill millions of birds. We know the more of them that are infected the more likely some will develop resistance. Are they killing infested birds to prevent natural defenses from working? I can kinda see why people wouldnt want to be exposed to the tame birds sice you can die from it. If you dont take proper precations in handleing them. But why kill all the wild ones? Let them develop resistance so we will know how to fight it if it ever does become a human to human disease.

While on that subject its exteremely unlikely that it will ever become a human bourn disease. The only thing like this publicity campaign was teh swine flu that was blown all out of proportion a few decades ago. Anyone remember that? Dire predictions of the extinction of mankind and all, just like this BS we are hearing today. The majority of people it affected were the ones stupid enough to get vaccinated. It had terrible side effects.

Unless the gov. has already engeniered a human to human disease of this type odds are probably a million to one it will never happen naturaly.
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