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Default Re: West moves to destabilize Zimbabwe

One day their is hope that the human spirit in Africa will be resurrected, but that will not happen until the African American is resurrected first.
:roll: I see so Blacks like you to intend incite a Militant black terrorist revolt in the US & until you can claim the US as black you will not even consider helping your race in the place where they really should be helping themselves.

What a croc if you were really sincere about helping your own afro bros, sis africa you would simply go over there & join them, inpart your superior knowlwdge and skill on them instead of us here cc.

However it is clear you and your choc mate Blackstarr have no intention of leaving the creature comforts of the US to so your desire to help is all just rhetoric i suggest!. :roll:

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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