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Default Re: For those looking to speak their minds

That's great Churchlithill, will consider this.

However, I have a question.

Re BUSH: If not during his first term, surely during the second term----- all we've heard is the people's disgust with, not only the Bush-man but, the whole Bush Klan!!!!
Why do you suppose that no impeachment process ever developed. Surely any person of any class could identify with a lack of or deficiency of some sorts in their lives since this idiot took office.

Are the people so scared??? Yet, since he took office-----all this reverance to 'the greatest generation that ever lived' (meaning his parents generation) as being the only generation that banned together to produce a change or something.
Why are people today NOT doing anything?
Why is no one even locally (in their community meetings) not voicing themselves?

Any comments, please!!!!!!!!!!!!
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