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Default Re: For those looking to speak their minds

And that is one reason, sadly, why pure democracy won't yet work in our beloved country. The price of democracy is constant vigilance, quick and decisive responses, and enough education and communication to keep all others informed on the important issues. Can we trust the majority of voters to do that? I rest my case.

for POTUS' latest release; it seems self-evident to many that a full-scale assault will end in disappointment or possibly disaster for the allied forces; besides, Hussein was the softest target over there, so we stood a good chance of Turkey, Syria, Jordan ,et al leaving us alone.

But now the stakes are higher. :-o

Better to make it a SPECWAR operation, no?

Oh, almost forgot: watch the new release, CRASH for a little opinion on the present state of social engineering.
America is a victim of engineering, and here is an example:
It was published in a local paper that the Quakerbridge Mall in Lawrenceville, NJ, began playing classical music over the PA system for crowd control. The reason? Because the "undesirable elements" (read: black and hispanic teenagers with no money to spend) would find the music so disagreeable that they would not stay for very long. I hear that garlic works on them as well. Of course, the yuppie crowd with all kinds of credit won't be offended by Mozart, will they????
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