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Default Re: The Setup to Destroy America

THanks, I will :-D

And yes, I think that we don't really know how deep the rabbit hole goes. One theory I have is that in a certain style of programming our unresolved traumas, fears, desires, etc., are manipulated and anchored to the consumption of whatever product or service is being advertised. So the reason subliminal audio/visual stimuli are used is because they are manipulating us through our UNCONSCIOUS trauma, etc.: if we were conscious of it, it would lose its power over us.
Try making a dream journal regarding the images and impressions you have upon waking in the morning. Some might experience a release of the eidetic memory and tell of well-known food products linked with sexual urges, hunger, fear of death, etc. This is how powerful the programming can be, and this is what I call Level III, which is where most reasonably educated media-users are today.

Level I) Symbolic vocabulary: more than just words and pictures, this level involves the recognition of important concepts to be used later in life. For example, the Star of David, the Crucifix, the US flag, the Seal of the President, a black youth in gang togs, etc. At this stage all that is required is that the subject recognize and understand what these things are.
Level II) Here is where different emotions and core thoughts are linked with the symbols taught in Level I. The Flag evokes feelings of affection for the State and thoughts of defending the country; religious symbols evoke fear, or guilt, or an unthinking obeisance to religious authority, etc.
Level III) This is where the Level II successes are used to manipulate thoughts and behavior. Want someone to be hated? Show them burning the US flag.
Well, you get the picture (no pun intended).Also, another possibility is the probe operation. No, I don't mean aliens. I mean using the Level II stimuli in a nationwide format in order to test their effectiveness. Think about it . . .
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