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Default Re: The Norwegians are right!!!!!

Max wrote:
Of course, there has been a strong case built to show the hand sign is satanic.
It's a fucking gesture, for God's sake! :roll:

What the term, "satan" really mean to you? Wow me, please.

Max wrote:
I am familiar with this (as well as the occult "real" meaning) but I've never meant anyone who refers to Lucifer as an "Angel of Light"- why do you think it is appropriate to say this? Isn't "Prince of Darkness" more fitting?
I just described a folklore myth of Lucifer, basically, for you. Google "Lucifer" and educate yourself. Enjoy. ;-)

Draken, it's just a gesture, nothing more, nothing less. You're just making an issue of a simple hand gesture and turn it into a representation of an evil force that originated from our own darkest corners of human nature.

If anybody gives me the dreaded Finger, that tells me that it does mean something. 8-) ;-)
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