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Default Re: A sign to the Thelemites, Illuminati, Satanists

When has evil concealed itself? The human inhabitants of this world live and thrive on evil. Even noble plans are corrupted by greed. More, more, more, this is exactly why humans will not spread from this habitation. Why is not enough enough? Read Job to understand my necessary work. I AM YOUR ACCUSER, I hand out the wealth and you take it and come back for more, turning against your fellow human at the slightest thing. Are you to spread the work beyond here? You were given the best and look at it. Look around, you are spent beyond your means physically, mentally, spiritually. You ask and when you are given you dash the gift upon the rocks. I will bare my own burden and pay the penalty of my own deeds, but my work to expose this collection of greedy, selfish, possessors of the Breath of Life will not go unrewarded.
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