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xplosive wrote:
I'm pretty new to these forums, but nevertheless very interested about the topic. I'm 19 years old and have been reading this material for quite some time. My question is for anyone in general really. I just want to know everyones viewpoints of what the 'truth' really is. I'm looking for valid arguments and evidence to support if possible.

Appreciate it.

I believe it was Shakespeare:
"All the World's A Stage, We Are Merely Actors"

When I was your age I, too, questioned alot of things. Then I would slowly research and compare notes about things and my eyes would truly open. The truth I found was that I was NOT part of something bigger!!!! What am I referring to??????? I'm referring to the bigger hands in our society that engineer/plot/scheme/confuse/distract us all everyday of our lives. I was just to "DO"!!!! And accept!!! Not that I wanted "in" to these sort of peoples' circles. But, why are they doing what they do??? My answer came from someone not so educated, humble, but aware!!!! The answer was so that those that can be fooled------be fooled! They don't want too many to be smart, successful, happy, comfortable and at peace. You see....., the game is for them to play us!!! The game for them is money, greed, power, control. Yes, all those power things!!

So my dear, next time you are at line in the grocery store, with all those tabloid papers staring at you eagerly for you to read------think of this: Is someone trying to distract me? Is someone trying to keep me down? Is someone trying to keep me interested in the idiot zone????
Also, did you know that all this hype lately to have stupid relationships like Britney, Angelina, and the likes are all for you to follow and duplicate. So that you can end up suffering, in poverty, with kids you can't support. Did you notice how there is no reliable male figure?? The celebs think that its 'cool' to be a single mom. OH REALLY???? This is just the tiny crap out there to sway you from "you"!!!! And from all that you should strive to be!!!
I'm using this example because I noticed your age.

But anyway, being that you've found Club Con, you will now learn about the 'bigger' schemes out there! RE: Twin Towers, Moon Landing, JFK Assasination, Princess Di, Chem Trail, Vaccinations, Food Additives, Chernobyl, Silkwood, Illuminati/Freemasons/Skull n Bones, and that's only a few things that most people don't even know about what took or takes place.

I'm glad you are taking an interest in the things around you in this world of ours. Welcome.
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