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Default Re: This place gives me a headache

tommorgan45 wrote:

Tom Morgan (who had to research these forums for work, and cares only about strong beer, good friends both animal and human, and making it through).
See, this is where I get stuck sometimes...

Call me crazy, but I find it hard to care only for those around me. There are so many people that we would adore if we had just got the chance to meet them. But we are all still here. Were all in the same boat, so it saddens me to see these people go through atrocities, because I see them as my brothers and sisters. The children I see as my children. This outlook is very natural and healthy for a loving society. So if I keep up this natural outlook, of course Im going to care about MORE THAN STRONG BEER AND MAMALS. And of course Im going to have a bit of a headache.
But this society is hateful and wretched, so what must my outlook be now?
I must not care as much as I would like to, or else I will surly lose my mind. This is the sad condition of this wretched society.

It has been said by many a great mind 'to be completely happy in this world is to be partially insane or just plain stupid'.
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