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xplosive wrote:
I'm pretty new to these forums, but nevertheless very interested about the topic. I'm 19 years old and have been reading this material for quite some time. My question is for anyone in general really. I just want to know everyones viewpoints of what the 'truth' really is. I'm looking for valid arguments and evidence to support if possible.

Appreciate it.
You want to know the truth. Then tell me what 'topic' are you referring to? Do you mean the topic of 'conspiracy'?

Like I said, and everyone can express themselves in their choices, I feel the truth is that we are under powerful hands in the good ole USA. I feel that we do not come together as a nation.

"The only time someone should look downward on us, is when they are lifting us up". We don't do that for each other. Too many power-hungry, greedy B's and B's.

PS: Didn't mean to come off as a mommy, I'm aware you are a mature-minded individual.
Keep in mind not many at your age are interested in this stuff. No offense.
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