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Default Re: This place gives me a headache

tommorgan45 wrote:
Everyone here should go out and look up at the sky, if it's night where you are then drink deep in the mystery of the stars and our place in them, if it's day then feel the sun (or rain) on your skin and and marvel that you get to live and see it all, even if only for the short span of a human life. Kiss your spouse or significant other, rub your hands through the fur of your pet and take them for a walk (or whatever they like to do) then go out and do something that is truly just fun. We only get one chance at this (demonstrably, if someone can irrefutably prove otherwise I'm open to convincing), so make it good and live it happy and strong.


Tom Morgan (who had to research these forums for work, and cares only about strong beer, good friends both animal and human, and making it through).

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Let me see now:

#2) Good friends (both animal and human)
#3) Making it through

In that order, ehh??
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