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Ozzy_dopster wrote:
Truth is often the first casualty in the decline of civilization; when all those who know and love truth begin their exodus, the end is near!

BEWARE: any of those "Send us your predictions" kind of websites if you are serious about a gift or talent you might have.

Q: What is the one thing you can be sure of if someone wants to exploit (e.g. make lots of money) your premonitions?

A: You can be sure that they won't do anything to prevent a disaster from taking place! Be VERY careful about trusting anyone on the NET with premonitions about disasters, terror attacks, etc., because they might just be greedy fools and do NOTHING to help the future victims!!
I'm not sure how that is relevant to anything, but thanks for the advice. I'm not sure I have any talents or gifts that would be of use to anyone..

But if you know something I don't let me know. :lol:

I want to know the truth about everything. Not only the conspiracy that I believe is very real pertaining to a very demented government, but also the truth behind religious beings and biblical events.

What are your viewpoints on religion? I for one can't stand religion. But I do believe in a higher being.
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