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Default A loving daddy.....

Mr. Matt O'Connor,

I do not have any first hand knowledge about your affiliation (or non affliation) with the "Real Father's for Justice".

We learned from Ghandi, and the Suffragette movement, that peaceful process moves mountains.

The disbanding of Father's for Justice in the UK is nothing short of heartwrenching. You did indeed fly in the first 2 years of your existence. However, it is only now in the fourth year that I came to you and you weren't there.......

I do not know whether or not you sanctioned any of the superhero stunts or indeed approved of, or liked them.

The fact of the matter is, the UK government needs to be lobbied, no stunts and most of all, no moronic arseholes from inner council estates plotting to kidnap children.

The group needs to exist again, the group needs to be strong, the group needs to be sensible.

Greenpeace were sunk once.

My presence here, with this subject, and also on your website has now had me marked as a terrorist. I doubt I will ever get admission into Florida in order to take my children that i currently don't see, admission to Disney World (Land). It is a tiny price to pay.

For our American cousins wanting more information, I will refer them here:

Mr. O'Connor, you do have a sensible, level headed sector of individuals, who know the law, who know parliament, who know technology and who know the difference between right and wrong.

I miss my boys.



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