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Default Re: WN American Reniassance Conference Apprently Jews Are White &Proud Too!

The Jews are the creators behind the rise of whites to power. They always make fun of this fact through the movie "superman". Superman is a representation of "white supremacy", his weakness is kyptonite, which is spiritual knowledge. He has a forlock on his head, which symbolises how the Jews control him. Barbara, actually whites have destroyed the country not blacks. The Jewish media focuses on the crime done mostly by blacks, but negate the crime done by whites. Black crime is robbing a bank with a gun and get life in prison. White crime is robbing senior citizens of the pensions and get ten years in a country club prison and only serve two years. White crime is taking an entire country to war to enrich your friends, while the country spirals toward bankruptcy. Always remember I have not run across any socalled white intellectual superiors on this site yet.
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