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Default David Duke on MSNBC

He is hushed up and not allowed to make his points while being told he has no points by that plagarist and Zionist fucking torture advocate Dershowitz. Oh yes Dershowitz loves to debate so much. Maybe that explains why he tried to threaten California University Press into stopping Nornan Finkelstein's new book Beyond Chutzpah. Maybe that's why he ran to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to put a stop to the publishing of the book. Pro Israeli people love to debate. Just look at how Finkelstein has had trouble speaking at campuses in the past.

Finkelstein convicted Dershowitz of plagarism in the first appendix of his new book. Dershy is a fraud. He should be fired.

Anyway, here's the interview with Duke. CC7D-F9D1-4B1B-AE76-5&action=10

Here are his comments on the interview and what he did not get to say.

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