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Default Bush The Messiah?

Ok let's cut to the chase here. We can be discussing hand signs til the cows come home. The issue is not about hand signs.

alumbrado, what are you actually saying? That Bush is not really Evil?
Is he in your opinion NOT doing Satan's work?
Is he NOT a puppet for Evil people with a Luciferian agenda?

Judging by George W. Bush's life; family, upbringing, education, professional life, associations, actions and behaviour he seems to have been groomed and molded from birth to do Evil on this planet.
What difference does it make if his hand sign is innocent?

You should be able to see that the connection we are suggesting isn't really that far-fetched, is it?

Besides, everything politicians of Bush's caliber do in public or in broadcast media is calculated, sanctioned and decided in the smallest detail in advance by the puppet masters. He is a puppet - he does what he's told.

There is a very good reason why he's allowed to behave like a dick publicly. If the puppet masters didn't want him to behave like he does, he wouldn't, believe me.

If Evil like this exists on this planet then we can't afford to dismiss anything unfortunately.

I have to warn you that this little report is the most shocking thing I've seen - I had to look away for a while because I really didn't want to have those images imprinted on my mind.
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