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Default Re: The untold WTC Pyramid Sacrifice

psholtz wrote:
So what's the answer?...

Your blog posting is a bit too long to read.. :-P
:-? Paul what ignisntbliss is writing is so commonsense that you must not be a real conspiracy type. Throughout history you see these Mammoth Massacres all around the world, and doing a little investigating you'll find the DARK SATANIC FORCES behind them, not all massacres of course, but sure enough you'll see that the victims were part of a MAMMOTH SACRIFICE to Satan. Here's one example I've been researching...The Juarez Mexico Slayings...Well over 350 women have been murdered in the past 10 years or so in that area of Mexico, they're organs sometimes taken and even rapes of corpses take place, If you can't understand the meaning of Mass Slayings like that then you really need to get off conspiracy forums because they are in fact Illuminati/Masonic/Satanic in nature, all done to strenghthen their ALLEGIANCE to SATAN!

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