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Default Re: Christianity has little to do with Christ

Do you or anyone realize that the whole concept of "Christianity" is centered around the meaning of its word instead of focusing on the messages of Jesus himself?
Your wrong the Christianity is indeed about focussing on the message of Jesus Christ.
That is a pathetic attempt at trying to discredit Christianity by the way!.

Are we really focusing on the idealized philosophy of Mankind's Savior that is now Christianity or are we associating Jesus with the Christ on the accounts of his gospels from God?
Both they are not exclusive of one another.
What is your point.You have obviously never read the NT or even tried to understand it.Because it appears you came here to discredit christianity. You may not understand the Bible but that does not discredit the Religion!.
I should remind you or is it inform you that christianity is all about faith. Faith to your mind is no doubt irrational but to christians it does not require acedemic rationlist analysis of the type you are attempting here.
So I doubt you will be convincing any christians with you lines of argument unless they are lukeworm believers to begin with.
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