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Default Re: What Is The Meaning Of LIFE?

If you are average here is the meaning of life.
To have as much as possible. To get more than others so that they will know you have succeeded in the game. Amass things. Have bigger and better homes, bigger and better cars, kids go to more elite schools, to become a good little corporate player, to work your way to the top of something, to show that you really matter, to have authority over others, especially if they are smarter. You of course must leave your offspring more than they could ever use. Create a dynasty. Think of yourself above all others, but always say others come first. If you are religious, use your money to buy your way to Heaven. Gods a pushover for a good capitalist, after all wasn't Jesus a capitalist. Didn't he say get all you can, rape your brother and say its just good business. Your brother will understand and respect you for it if he is a real game player, a real competitor. If you think cutting a tree down will increase your profits then do it. If you think going to war will increase your profit and only produce minor collateral damage, then to it. Always be on the side of wealth. Maybe one day they will let you come into their home through the front door. How proud you will be to be one of the boys. Earn wealth the old fashion way: inherit it, marry it or steal it. You know deep in your heart that you and you alone are the favorite of God and that whatever you do, he will look the other way. Make noise, cause chaos, be arrogant in your genius, never cry are show emotion, be like steel or one dead. Kill your fellow creatures that you believe are less than you. Show that you can cause pain and death to those that are weaker or closer to God than you. Make your motto GREED and try to become king of it. Remember, win at all cost, bigger is better, the Earth can always renew herself, loosing is for losers, the meek are fools, what I say goes, all wealth really belongs to me anyway, I can break the law because I am the law, be faithful, honest, helpful only to the point that it does not impede profit. For profit is my reason for existence and I must make more and more. Progress equals the destruction of my environment and I must destroy more and more. Greed is my god and I must feed it night and day as the engine of Moloch requires, because I am the favorite of this god and it, in the end, is all I have.

Where is beauty?
I despoiled it.
Where is your fellow life?
I Killed it
Where is kindness?
I hated it.
Where is compassion?
I did not have any.
Where is happiness?
I could not find it.
Where is love?
I lost it.
Where is my Earth?
I Destroyed it
Where is the profit?
I made it.
Where is your reward?
I do not know.
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