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Default Freemasonry May have been Revolutionary in the U.S or Europe But was Conservative In Australia.

:-? I wanted to know why so many of you on this site think Freemasonry is a subversive ideological movement as well as a creed!
In Australia Freemasons are not fabians communists or revolutionarys or any of these terms many of you like to label them as and never have been.
In Australia for example one would have a high professional standing for example to be doctor or lawyer or even Police officer before they would even be invited to join!.
Futhermore Australia had the British version of the craft that being the York rite masonry.According to what i have been reading recently about freemasonry in Australia.This rite was always conservative even from its beginings in England 1717. It was also very pro Monarchy and conservative rather than pro Republican or revolutionary.
As for Freemasonry being revolutionary apprently that is only the modus opprendi of Grand Orient Masonry of which Australia has never had any such rite.
Although i understand the U.S has had lodges since the the War of Independence.
This could help to explain why so many of Nth americans here think it is a subversive organisation for socialism while most Austrlians simply see it as a harmless old fashioned conservative civic organisation with strange rituals.
However Freemasonry is generally viewed by most Australians as not sinister period.
Indeed their is hardly a town or city in Australia that doesnt have a typical usually 1920s vintage Masonic lodge close to its Mainstreet.Our War Memorials for those that served and died WW1 were also designed and built by Masons that is why they generally in the shape of obelisks. Your Global feedback on this would be apprecited.

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